Need some breakfast inspo? Why not try this Avocado on toast recipe with a side of vitamin c packed muesli!

This breakfast is suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Ingredients (Avocado on toast):

1 whole avocado, 1 spring onion, lemon juice, black pepper, slat and bread (to toast)


Chop up one spring onion and mix in with half avocado, lemon juice, salt and pepper (this will be the butter).

Toast the bread and butter with the avocado mix, slice the remaining half of the avocado and place it on top of the butter. Sprinkle salt and black pepper to finish.

For the muesli, I used soya milk and topped it with blueberries and dried goji berries for added vitamin c.

For the tea, I prepared it black and added honey for taste.

Healthy, tasty & packed with vitamins needed to boost your immune system this A/W