Study struggles… we’ve all been there!

When it comes to studying for something, whether it’s an academic exam or driving test, things can escalate QUICKLY and become stressful (if you’re not prepared). Here are 3 easy ways to relieve pressure and make studying more enjoyable.

AM or PM?

Get to know your study habits. Are you someone who works best early in the morning? during the afternoon? or late at night? If you know when you work best, dedicate a time slot (within that time period) strictly to studying. You’ll be much more productive and want to work harder – of course sleep is important for your brain so if you do study at night, catch up on your sleep.


Studying on an empty stomach can feel like one of the most unproductive tasks ever (after procrastination) because 95% of your attention will be on FOOD. I’m guilty of studying for hours without preparing a meal and I always regret it! Set time aside prior to your ‘study time’ to make a quick meal/prepare some healthy snacks that will keep your brain fuelled.


This may sound strange, but treating your work like individual blocks of lego can make it a lot easier to get through. Breaking up a huge task into smaller ‘lego blocks’ and focusing on each one, can ensure you do a thorough job as you wont be constantly overwhelmed with the idea of completing a huge task.

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