Being and looking healthy is as much about internal care as it is about external care. Making sure you eat well and keep hydrated can have a huge impact on the overall health of your body (AND the strength of your skin, hair and nails).

As we know, protein is mainly used by the body for cell repair and growth, but it’s not only great for getting lean, it’s also great for the production of keratin which is what our hair, nails and the outer later of our skin are made of.

Adding a few meals to your regular diet that include foods naturally containing protein can help make sure your (muscles) hair, skin and nails are getting the nutrients they need for growth and repair. Simple salads like this can do the job if you need something quick and easy. Salad: two boiled eggs, walnuts, watercress, cherry tomatoes and spinach. (You can even add avocado or salmon, it’s all about what you prefer)

Keeping hydrated should be at the top of your list! Drinking at L E A S T two glasses of water a day is a great habit to adopt. You can even infuse your water with lemon for a boost of vitamin C (optional), or any other fruit you love.

Above all, keeping a balanced diet is essential so always remember to speak with your health practitioner about making any drastic changes to your diet.