Need some breakfast inspo? Why not try this Avocado on toast recipe with a side of vitamin c packed muesli!

This breakfast is suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Ingredients (Avocado on toast):

1 whole avocado, 1 spring onion, lemon juice, black pepper, slat and bread (to toast)


Chop up one spring onion and mix in with half avocado, lemon juice, salt and pepper (this will be the butter).

Toast the bread and butter with the avocado mix, slice the remaining half of the avocado and place it on top of the butter. Sprinkle salt and black pepper to finish.

For the muesli, I used soya milk and topped it with blueberries and dried goji berries for added vitamin c.

For the tea, I prepared it black and added honey for taste.

Healthy, tasty & packed with vitamins needed to boost your immune system this A/W


As we know, eating well and keeping a balanced diet is great for maintaining good health (as well as assisting in the production of healthy hair, skin and nails) but being a student, or someone who is often bombarded with timely commitments means that healthy eating can sometimes be hard, so I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to cook something quick, delicious, affordable and healthy. Steak and chips is a favourite amongst (excluding veggies, sorry guys- veggie tutorial coming soon!) but can be quite pricey depending on where you like to eat. Here’s my more affordable, healthier take on steak and chips:

Click to play



It doesn’t stop there, if you’re feeling experimental why not add more vegetables or swap in your potato wedges for sweet potato ones instead? The possibilities are indeed endless!

Hope you enjoyed,

Autumn as we know, is a time of change- From life, to  health, skin and hair. The best way to deal with these changes is to make a few minor adjustments and hopefully I’ll be able to provide some great suggestions (meaning you can expect more helpful tips, tutorials etc. for the next few months).

I wanted to start off by sharing two favourites and two hacks that may be a huge help this autumn. (In order of the photos) My first favourite is the Lush lip scrub- If you’ve read my ‘spa glow at home‘ post you’ll be familiar with this one. It’s fantaaaastic this time of year as the cold weather really wreaks havoc on our skin, especially lips, causing chapping and peeling- not so glamorous… I wont go into too much detail on this product so do click the link!

My second favourite is for the ladies, this one’s the Dolce and Gabbana 3 L’Impératrice perfume, which happened to be a favourite due to the number of compliments I’ve received about this scent- it really does smells gorgeous. For those of you who like fruity/ floral scents this one is perfect and I think quite timeless. I did initially think this was a summery scent but its subtle rhubarb/musky undertones (please trust me, it smells amazing lol) can definitely be worn throughout this season.

Now for the hacks, I will warn you Cod Liver Oil is not for the faint-hearted, however, it does you sooo much good in the long run. I’m a strong believer in prevention being better than cure and with us being more susceptible to falling ill during the colder months, taking the recommended daily dose of Cod Liver oil can boost your immune system, keep your bones and muscles strong, as well as contribute to thicker, healthier hair growth. (yes please!)

Lastly but not least… Shea Butter! Shea butter is one of my favourite hacks for autumn/winter because it can be used from head to toe (literally). For thicker natural hair, Shea butter is great for sealing in moisture and protecting strands effectively, as it is more dense than other natural oils- don’t overdo it though because you still want to be able to get moisture IN. For skin, it works wonders for sealing in moisture too. The best way to incorporate it into your skincare regime is to mix some in with your body lotion/hand cream so that they stay on your skin longer and work more effectively. It’s also great to use on your body (especially feet!) after an evening bath.

Shop the products: Lip Scrub  , Fragrance , Cod Liver Oil (also available in capsules) Shea Butter

Blessings and love,


IMG_2213IMG_4004Suffering from IBS and bloating can be frustrating, and I’m finding such symptoms to be more and more common amongst young people. One known reason for this is due to the busy lifestyles and stressful commitments young people have such as University- stress can be a major trigger of digestive troubles!

If you’re like me, and have tried everything from Green Tea to the highly praised Flat Tummy Tea, but for some reason cannot fight the symptoms, then you’ve come to the right place as this post will (fingers crossed) provide the answer!

Those who know me personally know I’m a research-aholic, and this combined with remembering family remedies led me to stumble upon to the best natural hack for tummy troubles, and that is Ginger!  I remembered ginger being used to treat my cousin’s nausea and stomachache on holiday so looked further into its properties. Ginger tea is excellent for nausea, bloating, stomachaches, trapped wind and most of the symptoms people with IBS regularly suffer from. For a healthy tummy and better digestion it is important to drink plenty of water, incorporate more fibre into your diet and definitely exercise those core muscles, but drinking ginger tea once in a while with breakfast, after dinner or when feeling slightly nauseous deals with digestion and uncomfortable symptoms directly.

For a great cup, you can chop up some ginger (about the length of the top of your thumb to your knuckle) and put it in a tea strainer. Next add boiling water, leave to infuse for about 3 minutes and that’s it! If the ginger taste is too strong, you can add a teaspoon of honey, or try alternatives such as lemon and ginger teabags or instant ginger and honey tea.


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