The fashion industry at the moment is definitely buzzing with young, designers and models of colour making their mark. From streetwear and bespoke clothing to fashion week and elite designers, Black Brits are paving the way and setting great examples for future generations of fashion forward individuals (not only here in the UK, but on a global scale). Who to look for? Well there are tons to choose from, but as each brand promotes different individual styles and overall concepts, these 3 are definitely worth looking into!


1. Blaque Ribbon.


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Blaque Ribbon is a bespoke fashion brand created by London fashion designer Leona Simms. Simms has had her brand featured in Vogue magazine for a shoot with Naomi Campbell as well as having many of her pieces travel the world. The brand is inspired by vintage, 1940’s style gowns with an afrocentric twist, using organic fabrics to create flattering styles for people of different shapes and sizes. Proud of African culture and heritage, Blaque Ribbon is a truly inspiring brand and one that is a constant reminder to love and celebrate black history all year round.

 2. 1Figures

1Figures is a streetwear brand established by Hackney’s ‘Chris Figures’. The brand is widely recognised by its bold ‘1F’ logo and has evolved from stocking T-shirts to retailing exclusive collections in jackets, two pieces, jumpers, hoodies and more! 1 Figures is recognised as not just a brand, but a movement focused on celebrating the success of others while expressing character and individual style in the best way. As well as having a strong presence in the UK rap scene with artists such as SNE, Frenzy and Ghetts all repping the brand, US Hip-Hop artist Tory Lanez has also rocked some 1F! 1Figures has been a huge example of how you can excel in anything if you remain hard working, consistent and true to yourself.

3. MiH


If you’re all for girl power and classy style, Mih is a brand definitely worth looking out for! Mih is a UK based up-and-coming brand created by 3 ambitious women, specialising in elite style pieces that every woman dreams of. The ladies at Mih are very focused on catering to all body shapes and sizes, targeting young women who are transitioning between the ‘teen’ age to womanhood. With plans to influence areas other than fashion in the future, Mih are a fun, innovative collective who want to display that ‘team work’ makes the ‘dream work’ as they ‘Make it Happen’. For more information on the brand and their ethos, follow Mih on twitter and Instagram at @Mih_thecompany

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This was my first time attending London Fashion Weekend and I would definitely recommend it for those of you who are into fashion and events. As it happens at the end of London Fashion Week, the next one will be held February 2017 so keep an eye out for the chance to get the whole fashion insider experience. The hospitality and organisation was amazing, from the Sophia Webster goody bags handed to us upon arrival to the vibrant and energetic Catwalk show, I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

The event was held at the stunning Saatchi Gallery over a period of 4 days, and I attended the Saturday where the Designer showcasing their AW16 line on the catwalk was SIBLING- let me tell you, the collection is phenomenal. Both the clothes and models were full of personality filling the room with great vibes and tons of energy.

Not only did we have access to a trend and designer show (unfortunately we missed the trend show, you’ll find out why now), but London Fashion Weekend gave visitors the opportunity to shop over 150 different designers, receive makeovers from Maybelline and Tony & Guy, as well as exclusive discounts on a range of brands. Each room in the gallery was allocated to different shoppable catwalk looks and fashionable items from shoes, accessories and jewellery, to big designer names and names to watch out for- It was shopper’s heaven and the reason we missed the trend show (lol). Can’t wait for next year!

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Hey guyyss

Last month I attended my first natural hair event in Camden, hosted by Natural Nights Uk which was absolutely amazing! The event was full of Q&A, freebies, guest speakers, product info from reps, music performances (african drummers and solo artists) and much more. Shoutout to @MychelleUK whose vocals were my favourite of the night! The Natural Nights event was greatly informative and the hosts maintained a relaxing and intimate ambiance throughout. My fingers are definielty crossed in the hopes of a follow up, as not only was I surrounded by beautiful bouncing ‘fros and the most stylish, coiffed hair, but my friends and I ended the night on a high with about an hour of dancing! The event for me was 9/10, the only thing that hindered a full 10 was the mic cutting out during some of the performances.

Aside from the music, entertainment and pleasant vibe, the event was a great place to network. I was able to speak to bloggers and YouTubers about natural hair, their hair care methods, products and personal experiences. I got chatting with a few lovely ladies, one in particular who makes and sells her own butter for natural ‘type 4’ hair and learned so much useful information about type 4 natural hair- Yes, the ‘wash and go’ is possible people!

I also spoke with a representative from nuNAAT who gave my friends and I tons of freebies, one of which I tested as soon as I got home (the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin intensive hair mask) and had brilliant results. It is a protein treatment I would definitely recommend for winter, as it left my hair feeling strong and shiny. I noticed my shedding had reduced after using this conditioning mask as well as my curls looking noticeably healthier. There is a slight scent to this conditioner but don’t worry, it isn’t unpleasant. (Available at Pak’s cosmetics)


My friends and I also received an adorable goody bag each, mine contained the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin intensive hair mask, a Gourmet Delights LTD chocolate brownie, a cute notebook from nuuNAAT and @bee_blaq1 ‘s whipped Shea Butter (which left my hair feeling very soft for days after moisturising with the LOC method) (left to right).


The evening put me in a giving mood and inspired me to have my very first giveaway!

Thank you to those who entered, the winner of the hamper worth £25 and £10 off any install at Rasi London hair is @drwarmrice, congratulations!



Your hamper contains:

1x Satin bonnet, 1x wide tooth comb, 1x hair brush, 1x coconut oil, 1x castor oil, 1x diary (for recording your hair journey) 1x eco-styler gel, 1x applicator bottle (for mixing oils), 1x pack of hairbands, 4x bulldog clips, 1x hair doughnut, 1x moisturising deep conditioner, 2x protein treatment deep conditioners. Enjoy!

Be sure to photograph your hamper and tag @_smftnhp and @rasilondon_ letting us know how you got on with your goodies. You can also check out Rasi London hair on instagram to view some of her stunning installs @rasilondonshair !

To all my naturals whether you’re in the UK or overseas, do attend a natural hair event at some point as it is one of the most insightful and uplifting things you can do on your natural hair journey. I promise!

Lots of love SMFx!

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For the chance to win some of my favourite products and more...

1. Follow  @_SMFTNHP on twitter and tag @_SMFTNHP in the tweet

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and that’s it!

The lucky winner will be revealed in my next post about the Natural Nights (natural hair) event and their amazing performances, info and freebies!

Check out Natural Nights on Instagram @Naturalnightsuk

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I’ve been asked about two things in these last few months; what can be done to restore damaged or thinning edges? And, what are the natural methods for curing alopecia? Both topics can go hand in hand which is why I’d like to answer both questions with one solution. These are topics I think are definitely worth delving into as alopecia and thinning edges are both extremely common, if not affecting us, then at least someone we know.

These are sensitive issues for some, as they can cause many complications, ranging from not being able to style your hair in ways you desire (which over time can cause distress), to issues with self-esteem, so it is important we understand how it is caused, what can be done in terms of cure and prevention, and how to discuss such topics without any prejudice or misconceptions.

There are many types of alopecia but I’m going to focus on Traction Alopecia, the gradual loss of hair that is caused by pulling, or force being applied to the hair. This type of alopecia happens in both men and women.


Common ways traction alopecia is unknowingly caused:

  • tight ponytails (regular)
  • tight braids (regular)
  • heavy weaves and braids on the hairline
  • progressively increasing weight of hair (growing really long thick locks can cause thinning and alopecia on scalp and edges)
  • tight, or compressing safety helmets/ headgear over a long period of time
  • tight cotton headbands
  • sleeping with a cotton scarf

There are many remedies for treating traction alopecia, but I can testify for one…

What you will need:

  • 100% Jamaican black castor oil
  • patience
  • alternative styles


Firstly, make sure your scalp is clean, this means taking extra care when washing your hair to clean your scalp. Every other night, gently massage the Jamaican black castor oil into the areas where you see thinness. You should to this for about 5 minutes to stimulate your follicles and work the oil into your scalp.

scalp massage    Click me to learn how to do a scalp massage properly

For this to work you absolutely have to abandon anything that causes strain on your hair, so that means getting used to:

  • loose styles
  • protective styles that do not include your edges (or damaged areas)
  • protective styles that don’t require taught edges
  • styles that aren’t heavy
  • sleeping with a silk scarf instead of cotton

Get into the habit of utilising YouTube tutorials, just make sure they’re styles that require minimal manipulation.                                                                                            Naturally Curly

Click me for style inspo!     

FYI, Jamaican black castor oil does have a slight scent to it, not a horrible one, but one that may take some getting used to. If you are patient and disciplined with this, you should see significant change in as little as 4-8 weeks. It is worth the effort!

Lots of love and all the best, SMFx!