Wash day can be a task but here’s what you can do to make it a breeze, and make sure you give your hair the BEST cleanse and condition.

Hot Oil Treatments

Applying Hot oil treatments the night before washing natural hair can help to reduce shedding and protect the hair (and scalp) from the harsh drying effects of shampoo. Hot oil treatments can be used on all hair types including coloured and relaxed hair. You can use any of your favourite hair oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil etc. and adding an essential oil can help to stimulate the scalp and promote growth (optional).

Work in Sections

Working in sections cuts down the entire wash time by almost half. Take one section, shampoo until clean then go straight in with conditioner and de-tangle (with fingers or a wide tooth comb). Once that section is done, move on to the next and continue until you have washed and conditioned all 4 sections (depending on thickness you may need 6 sections). All you’ll need to do next is finish with a cool rinse and you’re done!

Water Temperature : Hot Then Cold

I’ve written a post on the science behind water temperature in the past and it still remains a huge factor in washing natural hair effectively. [click here for post] Shampooing your hair with warm water helps to provide a deeper cleanse as warm water causes hair cuticles to lift, allowing the shampoo to fully clean. This also allows the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft, giving you longer lasting moisture and extra shine. Rinsing out your conditioner with cool water does the opposite (closes the cuticle) so locks in conditioner and causes hair to appear smoother and shinier.

Happy washing!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Some say a woman’s hair is her crown so this post is dedicated to helping ladies maintain healthy hair underneath protective styles.

There are tons of methods for keeping natural hair intact, but here’s a quick and effective way to  care for your natural hair underneath wigs.

Tea Tree Oil

Dabbing a small amount of Tea Tree Oil on your fingertips and gently running your fingers through your partings will help to unclog follicles and allow your hair to grow. Tea Tree Oil also has anti-fungal properties which is always great when wearing wigs (your scalp doesn’t always get enough air due to being constantly covered which can potentially cause fungal issues)!


Before applying any oils, ‘spritsing’ your hair with water will add moisture. Add things like essential oils and Aloe vera gel to the water will give your hair some extra nourishment but this is completely optional.

Castor Oil

Gently massaging Castor oil into your hairline and nape area will help to prevent breakage while maintaining and promoting thickness in these areas. (if your wig is too tight or constantly rubbing these areas you may start to see thinness)

Oil mix

Lastly to seal in the moisture and further replenish hair, running a mix of oils over your cornrows will keep them soft, moisturised and prevent unnecessary breakage when removing the protective style. Click here for my Oil Mix tutorial.

Doing this 1-2 times a week can make a major difference in the health of you hair!

‘Tis the season to maximise your potential!

Gents, if you have trouble growing or maintaining your beard start your New Year right with Alpha Man Beard Growth Oil. The oil is formulated to ‘maximise your hair growth potential whilst adding hydration to your skin’ which is perfect for this time of year. The blend of natural oils, extracts and vitamins are also great for softening, conditioning and adding shine to your beard.

Additional positives: the oil is lightweight and smells a-mazing!

As it is the giving season, Alpha Man Beard Growth Oil would make a great gift to start someone’s New Year off on the right track (Available for purchase at www.alphamanhair.com)

Merry Christmas,


Using exfoliating scrubs and face masks is a great way to remove dead skin, and leave your skin feeling brand new (when purchasing be sure to check for keywords like cleansing and hydrating). As I have sensitive skin, I usually opt for more natural, skincare products with minimal ingredients but I have been noticing a few stubborn dark marks from spots that need to G-O, so I recently purchased the Vichy Pureté Thermale Skin Renewing Creamy Scrub from boots which has worked wonders in the short time I’ve been using it. my skin feels more moisturised and is not irritated as the scrub is formulated for sensitive skin.

Making homemade, exfoliants, face masks and oil mixtures is a quick, inexpensive way to have healthier skin especially this time of year. Click the video below to play my ‘green mask’ tutorial- for more moisturised skin and hair:


*this mask will moisturise, soften and target impurities*

I’ve ranted and raved about the wonders of Coconut Oil but today I’ll share 4 great uses for Castor Oil. Growing up in a Jamaican family, I was always told that Castor Oil thickens up natural hair and promotes growth in areas with finer or “less” hair but Castor Oil is not only great for hair, it can be used as the main ingredient in many natural remedies. You may be wondering why I’m having a smell of the Castor Oil in the first photo but those who have used it know it doesn’t have the most appealing scent. (It’s not awful, just slightly strong!) Fortunately the version I’m using is infused with lemon grass and has a lovely citrusy scent.

SMOOTHING SPLIT ENDS & FULLER EDGES: First things first, nothing can remove split ends like a good old trim but applying Castor oil to those ends can help to temporarily repair the hair cuticle, as well as providing the hair with the nutrients it needs for growth. Gently massaging Castor oil into your edges (or any areas that may suffer from breakage or a thin appearance) can provide huge results if done every other night for about 3-6 weeks.

CONSTIPATION: This may sound completely random but Castor Oil is great for relieving constipation, ask your gp! Women who are pregnant should try alternative methods (as castor oil is said to cause the uterus to contract which could induce labour) but for a dose strong enough to have you feeling better, adults should take 15ml, mixing it into a fruit juice of your choice. (always consult with your gp first)

BOLD BROWS & LONG LASHES: Anyone who has had their eyebrows over threaded has probably been told to use Castor oil by their eyebrow lady but did you know you can grow your lashes with it too? I am someone whose eyelashes are more or less non-existent but my religious daily application of Castor oil to my brows and lashes has made a noticeable difference in both their length and overall thickness. I can finally see them without mascara!

STRONG NATURAL NAILS: If you find your nails are constantly being damaged by work, art, or acrylics, applying Castor oil to your cuticles and nails at least twice a week is a great way to bring your nails back to life. I can testify that after a few regretful trips to the nail shop I managed to grow out my natural nails strong, smooth and healthy in a short period of time by massaging Castor oil (and sometimes Coconut oil) into my cuticles and nails.

Now it’s your turn to try!