Caring for your natural hair under wigs!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Some say a woman’s hair is her crown so this post is dedicated to helping ladies maintain healthy hair underneath protective styles.

There are tons of methods for keeping natural hair intact, but here’s a quick and effective way to ¬†care for your natural hair underneath wigs.

Tea Tree Oil

Dabbing a small amount of Tea Tree Oil on your fingertips and gently running your fingers through your partings will help to unclog follicles and allow your hair to grow. Tea Tree Oil also has anti-fungal properties which is always great when wearing wigs (your scalp doesn’t always get enough air due to being constantly covered which can potentially cause fungal issues)!


Before applying any oils, ‘spritsing’ your hair with water will add moisture. Add things like essential oils and Aloe vera gel to the water will¬†give your hair some extra nourishment but this is completely optional.

Castor Oil

Gently massaging Castor oil into your hairline and nape area will help to prevent breakage while maintaining and promoting thickness in these areas. (if your wig is too tight or constantly rubbing these areas you may start to see thinness)

Oil mix

Lastly to seal in the moisture and further replenish hair, running a mix of oils over your cornrows will keep them soft, moisturised and prevent unnecessary breakage when removing the protective style. Click here for my Oil Mix tutorial.

Doing this 1-2 times a week can make a major difference in the health of you hair!

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