A/W skincare/ green mask


Using exfoliating scrubs and face masks is a great way to remove dead skin, and leave your skin feeling brand new (when purchasing be sure to check for keywords like cleansing and hydrating). As I have sensitive skin, I usually opt for more natural, skincare products with minimal ingredients but I have been noticing a few stubborn dark marks from spots that need to G-O, so I recently purchased the Vichy Pureté Thermale Skin Renewing Creamy Scrub from boots which has worked wonders in the short time I’ve been using it. my skin feels more moisturised and is not irritated as the scrub is formulated for sensitive skin.

Making homemade, exfoliants, face masks and oil mixtures is a quick, inexpensive way to have healthier skin especially this time of year. Click the video below to play my ‘green mask’ tutorial- for more moisturised skin and hair:


*this mask will moisturise, soften and target impurities*

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