Homemade Juicy Steak & Seasoned Wedges

As we know, eating well and keeping a balanced diet is great for maintaining good health (as well as assisting in the production of healthy hair, skin and nails) but being a student, or someone who is often bombarded with timely commitments means that healthy eating can sometimes be hard, so I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to cook something quick, delicious, affordable and healthy. Steak and chips is a favourite amongst (excluding veggies, sorry guys- veggie tutorial coming soon!) but can be quite pricey depending on where you like to eat. Here’s my more affordable, healthier take on steak and chips:

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It doesn’t stop there, if you’re feeling experimental why not add more vegetables or swap in your potato wedges for sweet potato ones instead? The possibilities are indeed endless!

Hope you enjoyed,

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