The Future of Black History in Film: R.M. Moses Interview

This year has definitely been the year of the ‘hard-worker’ as we’ve seen some of the UK’s most talented and determined, young black icons to push through. So what better way to kick off Black History Month than to inject some positivity and inspiration back into our lives, and share them with you all!? This week we will get to know the multitalented, R.M. Moses.

Who is R.M. Moses?



In his words he tells me ‘I’m an artist, visual storyteller… Writing is my first love so I’m always going to be a storyteller.’ The very humble and driven young man, only 23 skipped uni and dived wholeheartedly into his passion at a young age and is already reaping some of the benefits. Selling out movie theatres, winning awards overseas (3rd place best short film and best screen play) and working with his ‘childhood crush’ Jennifer Freeman (commonly known as Claire Kyle – My Wife and Kids) are some to name a few. Remi’s passion for writing started when he first received an A* after giving 100% of his attention to a creative writing piece in english literature ‘My ONLY A*’ he tells me, before developing interests poetry, photography, filming music videos and starting a youtube channel where he learnt to edit videos. Remi now writes, produces, films and directs, his own screenplays and is currently working on two screen adaptations of novels by other authors. I can tell his artistic background contributes significantly to his ability to beautifully translate complex storylines through multiple mediums at once (written screenplays, sound and visuals) in his work which always leaves viewers emotionally connected to whatever he creates.


“writing is my first focus if you see my work you know I’m going to make you cry, make you laugh…”

I am curious to know why Remi focuses so much on topics such as mental heath in his work, he does explain that his work is reflection of humanity, but I still want to know what fuels his need to shed light on what he describes to be issues with ‘mental health’ and people in ‘underprivileged situations’. And much to my anticipation he explains that ‘being in a digital age people rather text than actually check up on how we are… [it’s as if] people are becoming desensitised’, therefore it seems his aim is to humanise us again by provoking emotional responses to situations that we’ve become somewhat unintentionally apathetic towards. At this point I’m nodding in agreement as in this day and age most of us are guilty of texting someone we should probably pick up the phone and call, or harmlessly mistake tapping through our snapchat feed for actually checking up on those who are important… But after you watch one of Remi’s films, you’ll feel emotionally charged and compelled to call everyone in your phonebook- trust me!


“You can do things without permission of other people…Be your own boss”

In an age where traditional careers and ‘jobs for life’ are slowly becoming extinct it can be hard for us to stay inspired but learning to adapt and utilise what is available now, could possibly be the next step in starting the journey to success. We are seeing this more lately with a rise in the number of successful entrepreneurs who have used the internet to maximise their earnings, as well as websites set up to help provide job opportunities like ‘Linkedin’. Remi explains that in terms of creativity ‘because of the digital age, everything is accessible, so you can do things… without the permission of other people’ and I agree, the possibilities are really and truly endless- Remi has even had the likes of Meagan Good (Actress) and Malachi Kirby (Actor) messaging him about his work and showing love through social media!

According to this young inspiration, ‘the key to life is gratitude’ which is a message I’ll leave with you today. Once gratitude is applied to daily practises, you really can change your whole life in the long run.

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