Finding quick hairstyles that can be done on natural hair just before wash day can be tricky as products may not work as well making it hard to achieve the finish we desire. The carefree bun is one of my favourite hairstyles to wear just before washday, or when I feel like rocking my natural hair texture because it’s a great protective style as the ends of your hair are kept away from clothes (so no unnecessary breakage)  and you get in some last minute moisture.

Here’s a 30 second tutorial demonstrating how to create the carefree bun with MINIMAL manipulation. NO combs or brushes necessary!

What you will need :

1 hairband

spray bottle containing room temp water.

generous amount of conditioner/ leave in conditioner of your choice

1 hair grip


Effort level:




For best results!

Styling Before Wash Day: this style should be done on slightly damp hair to begin with, using the conditioner of your choice. Conditioner should be washed out no later than the following day.

Styling after Wash Day: this style should be done on slightly damp hair, using the leave in conditioner of your choice.

Remember, natural hair comes in different textures, lengths and types so you may need to use products that work specifically for your hair type to achieve the finished look.

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