Wake Up and Smell the Inspiration!

First Vlog: Wake Up and Smell the Inspiration

“do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

I decided to film my first ever vlog over the weekend capturing art, culture and inspirational moments around London. This vlog was important for me as being exposed to culture, creativity and inspirational moments plays an essential role in uplifting spirits, contributing to a better quality of life in the long run!

Friday was spent with a close friend celebrating her 21st in the beauuutiful outdoors. I believe your 21st birthday is a huge milestone and the perfect time to to prepare for the next big chapter in life. Celebrating such an important day outdoors definitely sets the tone for lots of gratitude.

Saturday aka ‘BTC Premiere day’ was amazing! I’d been looking forward to this for ages as being creative myself, I think it is essential to support and embrace the artwork of others, whether they create pieces of fine art, photography, music, film, drama or dance, because doing this will always provide inspiration and the opportunity to learn new ways of expressing your ideas. My favourite film from the night was The Book Trader produced, directed and edited by R.M Moses – It received a standing ovation and plenty of sniffles from the front row!

The letter ‘S’ in Sunday definitely stood for ‘spontaneous’ last week. We began our musical adventure in Nando’s and ended up by Shoreditch station where my friend busked, causing a chain reaction of street performers, who filled the street with the sounds of bongos, flutes and maracas. I was gutted when my camera died as it turned into a full on street party. Great vibes! If you’re ever stuck for inspiration, being spontaneous is always a good way to start.

Hope you enjoy the vlog!


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