D.I.Y Multi-Purpose Hair Oil

Hi all,

This is a post I’ve planned ever since I started my blog, so I’m happy I can finally share it with you all!

Those who know me well know I’m not a fan of using too many hair products, especially ones with tons of chemicals in them. I stick to shampoo, conditioner and natural oils as a lot of the hair lotions and products advertised to us contain a fair amount of alcohol which is a major contributor to dry hair! Dry hair = breakage.

My criteria for hair products now is “if I can’t eat it, neither can my hair“. This basically means I use a lot of natural ingredients that are likely to be found in the kitchen. I started thinking about my hair this way because the hair on our head is an extension of our body and our body tends to work best when it’s full of vitamins and nutrients as opposed to tons of chemicals.

Here I’ll show you how to create your own nourishing hair oil that can be used to seal in moisture, stimulate growth, thicken hair and be used as a pre-shampoo treatment. This oil can be used on all hair textures, all lengths, locs, young children, and wait for it… Gents, you can use it to maintain a fresh haircut and healthy hair too! If you have european (non afro) hair, this can be used the night before shampooing as a treatment to restore moisture and add lots of shine.

What you will need:


  • an empty edge control container (or any small plastic tub)
  • a teaspoon and fork
  • masking tape
  • a sharpie (or any other marker pen)
  • bulldog clip (for application)
  • wide-tooth comb (for application)
  • spray bottle containing room temperature water (for application)


  • Shea Butter – very good sealant (locks in moisture for a long time)
  • Coconut Oil – penetrates hair shaft and conditions hair
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil – thickens hair, locks in moisture and protects scalp from microbial/fungal infections
  • Olive Oil – smooths hair & adds extra shine
  • Avocado Oil – strengthens hair from the root


Once I stopped using hair products from beauty suppliers and switched to a combination of natural oils my hair began to retain noticeable length, my split ends reduced drastically and the overall health of my hair had visibly improved.Once you implement healthy hair practices like making your own products, your hair will have no choice but to be healthy and grow in abundance!

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    • smurrayf 15th August 2016 / 3:04 pm

      Thank you, natural products give the best results!
      Your blog is amazing, I’ve actually saved some of your posts on my bloglovin’ x

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