Why you shouldn’t worry about the media’s take on Natural Hair.

Hey guys!

After reading an article on natural hair and the apparent ‘low self esteem’ it brings about, I felt quite frustrated and annoyed because I found the article to be counterproductive (in terms of purpose). Although the research was valid and the people interviewed were expressing their true feelings which I can respect, the article in general seemed to raise a number of issues without providing any solutions. In an age where theories, solutions and answers are always in circulation I felt the article to be a lazy attempt at addressing an issue. I personally felt the article was solely to reinforce the point in question, so hopefully I can provide an alternative opinion and by any means, a solution!

These photos of Angela Simmons and Keke Palmer I came across are two of the many fresh-faced celebrity photos floating around the internet, but I was more interested in sharing how effortlessly both ladies radiate confidence while posing with their natural hair!

My point is, focusing on the positives is great, which is why I am so enthusiastic about posting my hair crush of the month, but like Keke Palmer and Angela Simmons’ #NoWeave #NoMakeup selfies, we should be comfortable in our skin (and hair!). We shouldn’t look to the media to validate anything we were born with, we should be confident enough to show the world who we are without worrying about anybody’s idea of ‘perfection’ but our own, therefore, the first place we should look to for inspiration or validation is in the mirror.

So, admire your unique kinks, coils, curls, and be confident in your skin. No-one else will benefit from this as much as you will!

Lots of love SMF


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  1. Lorraine 4th August 2015 / 4:38 pm

    This is so true, couldn’t have put it better x

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