What does water temperature do to your hair?

Did you know that water temperature affects how well shampoos/conditioners work therefore how smooth/healthy our hair looks and feels after being washed and conditioned? If you did, great! If you didn’t I’ll explain why.

When washing your hair the warm water lifts/opens the hair cuticle allowing your shampoo and conditioner to reach the inner hair shaft (which means a deeper clean and condition). Cold water does the opposite and closes the cuticle locking in allll that goodness the conditioner you follow-up with has to offer. The closed, or flat, cuticle gives your hair an overall smooth and shiny finish after washing.

Our hair is like the pores on our skin, they open with warm water allowing for easy cleansing and close with cold water!

This knowledge can also be applied to ‘wash and go’ styles if you would like to retain a little length while rocking your curls. Cold water helps to retain length whereas warm water helps hair to revert (therefore shrink) faster.



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