Growing fresh herbs, root vegetables and spices is a great way to add style and personality to your kitchen as well as making sure you know where the food you eat really comes from. If you don’t have a garden don’t be disheartened as you too can grow your own fresh veggies and herbs (most can be bought ready to plant in your local supermarket). I’m going to show you some great ways to recycle root veggies and create your own green space for fresh herbs and root veggies in your kitchen.


Regrow your scraps of green onion by placing the roots in water and changing the water every couple of days. To take the element of recycling even further, you can use old tea-light/candle holders or acrylic storage to keep your sprouts looking stylish.

Make the most of your celery scraps by leaving the large root in water. Green leaves will begin to grow which can be used in soups or salads for extra flavour. To regrow the sticks, place your celery root back into soil in a small pot. The same can be done with garlic, and the sprouts can be used in a stir fry or salad.

Save your chilli seeds! Replant them in soil, or a damp paper towel/cotton wool (to help germinate) and water regularly. Once your sprout turns into a little plant, place it in a larger pot and watch it grow. Chilli plants are self pollinating so will produce chillies in your kitchen.

This can be inexpensive, I’ve recycled my acrylic nail lacquer storage to regrow carrot greens (by cutting the tops off carrots and leaving them in water). You can also recycle old containers, water bottles, egg shells/cartons, jam jars and much more to give your green space a personal touch.


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I came across a quote last week that stated: “If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn”, and it really made me think about how different areas of life change and adapt in conjunction with nature. It also made me feel quite empowered and encouraged to deal with life’s adversities with a fearless, more resilient approach.

It’s safe to say we can finally give spring a warm welcome as the trees are full and the weather is good- hopefully for long! Just as nature renews itself during spring, we too should seek to renew ourselves inside and out. From our hair, skin and bodies, to our minds, social lives and all aspects of life that shape who we are, it is a great time to extend the notion of “spring cleaning” into these areas. In addition to encouraging us all to be more resilient in times of hardship, hopefully spring teaches us to also be mindful of the things we allow to enter our precious spaces (mind, body and energy). Whatever you do this spring, let the trees full of blossoms and the brimming flower beds remind you of renewal, resilience and positive change.

Spring products I recommend for renewing skin, hair and energy:

  • Sanctuary White Lilly & Damask Rose body wash – smells like spring and leaves your skin feeling completely revitalised
  • Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask – refreshes and renews skin, and is perfect for all skin types
  • Pantene Pro-V Perfect Hydration Conditioner- highly moisturisng but lightweight, perfect for warm weather
  • Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Candle – light, sweet scent that creates a relaxing vibe in your space



Anyone who knows me knows that nude nails are my absolute favourite, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Finding the perfect shade of nude for brown-chocolate skin can be tricky because as we know, not every popping nude looks the same on everyone. So to stop you spending ages swatching and wiping off nail colours,  I’ve tried and tested 6 nude lacquers that look fabulous on dark skin. Whether your nails are long, short, natural or extensions you’ll love these!

A tip for choosing the right nude lacquer is to find a shade similar to the tones you can see in your skin, or to match it as close to the colour of your nail bed colour as possible. (because what shade of nude is better than your own?… none!). I also find that some nude polishes don’t bring out the warm undertones in dark skin the way they should, which can leave hands looking cold and dry. These nudes are all great because they DO bring out the warm undertones in dark skin, and give your hands a soft, elegant glow.

OPI shades (left to right): Bubble Bath, Passion, Tickle My France-y

Essie shades (left to right): Limo-scene, Vanity fairest, Not just a pretty face.


(Vanity Fairest has a slightly shimmery glittery finish)

(Passion dries as a more sheer pinky-nude, especially on acrylic nails see photo below)


Try this delicious, fruity Yoghurt/Smoothie recipe as a healthy morning, lunchtime or evening snack.


 1/2 small cup of Natural/ Greek Yoghurt



1/2 Avocado

1 Banana


Prep ingredients by washing, slicing and removing skin/leaves if necessary

Add all ingredients to a blender

Blend for 40-60 seconds depending on the consistency you desire (smoothie or yogurt)

Serve chilled

Bon Appétit

Some of us have great support systems, some of us are a those support systems and some of us are lucky enough to have/be both. Anything in this world that needs to be held upright needs some type of support, including us.

I strongly believe everyone you meet in life has the ability to offer you a gift that will contribute positively to your own growth, that could be a new perspective, a new skill, a new idea, anything! So being supportive of one another should be second nature.

Don’t ask? Won’t get. 

Not everyone thinks the way you do and the only way you’ll receive the support you actually need is by being clear. Some people, including myself at times, find it hard to outright ask people for support (especially when you’re used to being independent) but sometimes splitting the load is essential for being more effective. 9 times out of 10, people will be happy to use their skill to help you, especially if they can see you’re driven. (There’s a difference between asking for support and being a bit lazy)

Be realistic

Most people are under the misconception that being supportive or receiving support should be a 24/7 process, but in actuality, we all have lives which can be busy or hectic at times. Giving your support wherever you can is OKAY. (you’re still giving!) Being supportive to others does not mean you must compromise yourself or feel guilty for not providing constant support, the important thing is to provide it when you can.

Be mindful

Make sure the people you lean on  genuinely care about your well-being, development and life ambitions, (YES) but most importantly, make sure they are strong enough to support themselves (and vice versa). Sometimes we expect the world from people who are only capable giving us an island at that point in time, and rather than burning bridges, maybe think about whether you may need to step up and offer your support.

Be the person you need

Equally, if you are relying heavily on others for support and not receiving any, it might be time to reassess your situation and start giving yourself the support you desire. There will be times when you’ll need to be open to receiving support, and there will also be times where you’ll need to be your own number one fan/support system. Be someone who can do both.

photography by : @Keishakfrancis [Instagram]